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Fence-Aid Ltd, is a British company, formed in 2010 near Sheffield to bring to the world an invention which greatly increases the useful life of timber post supported fences.
Devised and developed out of the personal need of the owner to salvage a otherwise solid fence (but for the decay of the timber fence post at ground level). Having scoured the market the options were limited, costly and time consuming. Out of necessity the Post Buddy system was born.
The Post Buddy’s strength is in its simplicity: 2 Post Buddy stakes, a lump hammer, a handful of screws and a spare ½ hour is all you need to add years to the life of a timber fence

Made of mild steel flat bar, Post Buddy rebuilds the link between the concrete base and the above ground post.

  • There’s no reason to waste time digging up the existing post and base
  • There’s no need to dismantle the existing fence panels
  • It repairs the broken post where it stands
It provides an excellent solution for DIYers and tradesmen alike, where the time taken using alternative methods is time wasted.
If you would like to contact us, we would love to hear from you. You can email us at 
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0845 672 8110
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Fence-aid Ltd., Cruck Barn, Westthorpe Road, Sheffield S21 1EU, UK
Company Registration Number: 8023856
Registered in England and Wales

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